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1. On May 12, 2016 Stephanie Fowler and Tony Russo of Saltwater media recorded a podcast, that discusses my career, writing interests and procedures, and the three works of fiction: "Unplanned Choices", "The Opportunity", and "First Time". Click this paragraph to access this podcast. Click on the triangle in the box and the podcast will play.
2. I want to thank Stephanie Fowler and Tony Russo for posting the podcast on November 4, 2017 that they recorded at Saltwater Media and broadcast on DPR, to their website. If you have some free time you may want to listen. I describe the background and procedures I used to write "Abandoned Homes: Vietnam Revenge." Click on this paragraph to access the podcast. Click on the triangle in the box and the podcast will play.
3.  Stephanie Fowler and Tony Russo of Saltwater Media recorded my latest So Whats Your Story Podcast on June 21, 2019. We talk about the background and procedures I used to write "The Billion Dollar Embezzlement Murders."  The novel is set in Delaware, Greece and Duck, North Carolina. If you have not visited Greece, the passages describing Greece may encourage you to make the trip. This novel is the second in the "Hoffman and O'Hare Mystery Series." The first is "Abandoned Homes: Vietnam Revenge Murders." I am currently working on the third, "The Counterfeit Drug Murders." Click on this paragraph to play the podcast.
1. Austin S. Camacho posted a video of an interview of me conducted by the Baltimore County Public Library crew at the Creatures, Crime & Creativity (C3) Con held in Columbia, MD last September. Austin and his wife, Denise, organize this superb writer’s conference. The video describes my novels, short story collection, and approach to writing.  Click on this paragraph to access the video. If your are using a mobile device turn it sideways for best viewing.
2. Mary Dolan organized an "Arts, Letters, and Song" presentation at the Blue Crab, in St. Michaels, where nine writers presented their interpretations of three paintings. Brian Heman recorded the event and loaded it on to U Tube. Click on this paragraph to access the U Tube video. Mary Dolan begins the meeting, while I am the first author speaking. The other authors and the singing group are great and I recommend watching the video until its end.
3. Liz Oblation of the South Coastal Village Volunteers, in southern Delaware, invited me to make a presentation on the procedures I use to write novels. Lois Pastore ran the zoom meeting,  recorded the presentation, and provided access to it to this website. The talk also included advice on how aspiring writers could receive support from writing groups. Since the presentation was not recorded professionally, it starts out slowly and a few glitches occur before it is over. Click anywhere on the video screen to start it. For the first 35 seconds the screen displays the normal glitches of starting a zoom session. However, all the maternal has been included in the recording.
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4. "So What's Your Story," the podcast hosted by Stephanie Fowler and Tony Russo of Saltwater Media has gone video. They recorded a video interviewing me on Wednesday, June 3, 2021. We discussed how I wrote my latest (third) novel in the Hoffman & O'Hare Mysteries Series, "The Counterfeit Drug Murders" and the fourth novel I am working on, "The Environmental Murders." The Delaware Press Association awarded "The Counterfeit Drug Murders," third place in their 2021 Communications Contest in the novel category. Since both Stephanie and Tony are also Indie authors we spent time taking about the impact of COVID - 19 on book sales, book signings, and marketing. View the video for a relaxed discussion of writing by clicking on the URL below.
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1. I would like to thank Mark Wellin for the interview he conducted about my writing for the Late Last Night Books blogzine. Click on this paragraph to read the interview. Mark is an author whose book "Hawke’s Return" won first place in the Mainstream/Literary genre in the Maryland Writers Association 2018 novel contest. I read the book and highly recommend it.


2. Dee Lawerence published her interview of me on her blog, "Vocal Expressions", on Monday July 30, 2018. Click on this paragraph to read the interview. On her blog she writes about her musings, her interests, her writing journey, her love of books, movies, and all things creative.







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