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Well-written fictional expose' on government contracting

…provides an insightful look at government contracting seamy underbelly, with sharp and cunning characters and themes of corruption, morality, and accountability. From the political front offices, backrooms, and bedrooms of Washington D.C. to the flashy satellite singles scene of Rehoboth Beach,The Opportunity gives the reader an insider’s look into a money-and-sex driven world that, sometimes simultaneously, operates both in the shadows and in the public eye. Brent Lewis on January 30, 2016


The Opportunity: A Must Read

I recently had the pleasure of reading Frank Hopkins’ latest novel, The Opportunity, which I highly recommend to those interested in a novel which documents how government corruption could occur in Federal Government contracting. The novel faithfully explores how government contractors approach winning a major contract and the single life scene in the Rehoboth, Delaware area. Carl Pergler November 14, 2014


Hard to put down. Hopkins has a sense of ...

the Washington scene and its corruption. His heroes are those persons who wade through the paperwork to find the culprits. Journey along with the author … and find out more than you ever imagined about how our government works and doesn't work. The issues of women using sex to get information are all too common in our government. Tom the Baker December 26, 2014


I really enjoyed the book The Opportunity. paced and exciting. Someone once asked me what I read for, I responded "I love local color". The book certainly contains it with realistic descriptions of scenes set in the Washington, DC and Rehoboth Beach, Delaware areas. I recommend The Opportunity to all readers interested in a read which holds your attention about the government contacting industry. Nancy Oppenheim December 22, 2014


This fictitious example is entertaining and fun to read

A description of a federal procurement life cycle. Fictitious? Maybe not! Well done story about marketing, competition, personal goals, and Government review of a competitive. The Opportunity by Frank Hopkins was one of those stories for me even though I have lived in the Washington, D.C. area and have been close to government life in many ways. The competitive and sometimes grim real world of the contracting game was an unknown. This book, exciting and readable and is written with enough intrigue to keep the interest going until the very end.. Amazon Customer July26, 2016


Contract work with a twist of intrigue

A rare book that takes you into the details of government contract bidding, but adds a twist of intrigue.  Jack Coppley June 28, 2016


Read it!

Once you pick it up it's hard to put down! Frank Hopkins did an excellent job in bringing the characters to life and creating a fabulous storyline! a real must read! Lisa on August 12, 2016


Another Winner by Frank Hopkins

…it seems to be the goal the principal characters in The Opportunity to retire rich as early as possible; nothing much is acknowledged of the intrinsic value of their work. Rather it is a means to the end of acquiring wealth, and to the extent it does not do that, it has no value. Frank Hopkins’ experience as an economist and as a consultant in both government and business shows in his precise descriptions of the contracting process. Along with everything else, readers gain a good understanding of how things work (and don’t work) in Washington. That may or may not be a good thing. …if you get the opportunity to read Frank E. Hopkins’ newest novel, The Opportunity, do not fail to do so. It is another winner... Robert J. Anderson November 15, 2014


Intriguing Fictional read....Hopkins nails it!

Excellent, The Opportunity by Frank E. Hopkins keeps you reading, anticipating how the book's discussion of corruption between the US government, its contractors and Congress is brought to justice. The stories of sexual misconduct, spying on the Government and its competition, favors to enhance careers, create entwining twists and turns that excite the reader from the beginning until its tragic ending...I highly recommend this book   a great Summer beach read.Judith L. Kirlan July 4, 2016.


Seductive and Engrossing!

Once again Hopkins' delivers ...."The Opportunity" is a compelling story, exposing unscrupulous characters who are employed in the business of Federal Government Contracting. Hopkins' addresses the breach of trust, immorality and irresponsible attitude while attempting to win a contract. As a reader unfamiliar with the intricacies of government contracting Hopkins brings his characters to life by detailing the strategies involved for winning a contract: starting with an RFP (request for proposal),capturing the contract, identifying a capture program manager, producing a team prior to the "bid" and writing the proposal. His experience as a consultant in Government and Business lends credibility to the narrative. The book continues to draw you in from beginning to end. An unforgettable read! Linda D on July 28, 2017


Definitely read this book

There are still surprises left in life! The Opportunity by Frank Hopkins was one of those stories for me even though. I have lived in the Washington,D.C. area and have been close to government life in many ways. The competitive and sometimes grim real world of the contracting game was an unknown. This book,exciting and readable, is written with enough intrigue to keep the interest going until the very end. Of course this is fiction .......or is it? S. Steinberg on July 26, 2016


Great read.

i just finished Hopkins "Opportunity". What a great read! Hopkins has a great story line that exposes the reader to the inside of what goes on in contractors seeking lucrative government bids. Sex, government,corruption and the beach. What a great combination. W. Kennedy on February 4, 2017


All that you love and hate about Washington D. C.

In "The Opportunity" author Frank Hopkins gives the reader a close look at corruption in Washington, both the political and corporate variety and exposes the age-old practice of beautiful, sexy women wielding their physical assets to seduce weak willed men into giving them what they want and occasionally, need. Amazon Customeron June 8, 2016



I enjoyed the book very much. It put into writing a lot of what really does go on in securing contracts. Plus, being from Delaware it's fun to read something with a local flair. Going to read more of Frank's writing! Stephanie Downey on April 24, 2017




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