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Move over Elvirah and Willie. Frank Hopkins has created a pair of sleuths to rival the Higgins-Clark duo, adding the distinction of their being published authors. If you follow Margaret and Paul through this embezzlement scam, you will not only be rewarded with a gripping thriller, but you'll also take away an education in Finance and Geography. Hopkins's Ph.D. in Economics gives him the authority to fine-tune the shenanigans of his characters so as to distill them down to the understanding of everyman... You don't want to miss this one. Mary D. on June 22, 2019


Take a Ride with Hoffman and O'Hare

They met in Abandoned Homes, and now they’re back for more action. The Billion Dollar Embezzlement Murders takes us for a ride with Hoffman and O’Hare, the best pair of sleuths since Nick and Nora. The stakes are high. Bad guys get testy when there’s a billion dollars at stake. Hopkins does a good job in describing action and in setting scenes and this book has plenty of action. Take a read and get involved with Hoffman and O’Hare. Jackson Coppley on June 8, 2019


Great Read

Margaret and Paul are back: married, happy and enjoying the good life in Greece. But, their bliss gets blitzed when a massive embezzlement scheme in their native Delaware is uncovered and follows them to Greece. As they assist their friend, they find themselves targets for elimination also. Frank Hopkins continues the fast-paced action for this pair we first met in "Abandoned Homes: The Vietnam Revenge Murders." William Kennedy on July 22, 2019.


Another great novel from Frank Hopkins!

I was most impressed with the amount of research that Frank Hopkins must have done to write The Billion Dollar Embezzlement Murders. The technical aspects of embezzling that amount of money were well described. His depiction of Greece and its many islands made you feel you were there. Being a Delawarean, I was familiar with many of the other locales throughout the book, which added to the verisimilitude. And, of course, the plot was spot-on and moved quickly. Highly recommended! F. Weldon Burge on July 4, 2019


A good read

The Billion Dollar Embezzlement Murders held my attention from the first page to the very end. I liked the flipping between the different characters trying to solve the crimes to the perpetrators still committing them. The description of the scenery only adds to the enjoyment as the story journeys across the world. Amy on June 14, 2019


Unique mystery !

Just finished reading Frank Hopkins latest novel “The Billion Dollar Embezzlement Murders” . This mystery is filled with high-tech crime -- murder -- back stabbing intrigues and Greece. No putting this story down as it is a straight read through. Bill on September 20 2019


They're Back!

An unlikely pair at first, Frank Hopkins new dynamic duo, Hoffman and O'Hare are fast becoming super-sleuths. Professor and cop, now writers, travel to Greece and uncover the crooks behind the Billion Dollar Embezzlement. Crooks who also happen to be murderers. Frank Hopkins second novel featuring Hoffman and O'Hare has them in a fast-paced race to discover the murderers before they become the next victims. Amazon Customer on May 28, 2019.


Many of the locations in this book are easily recognizable to readers in the Mid-Atlantic area

Frank Hopkins’ book, Abandoned Homes: Vietnam Revenge Murders, looks back at the turmoil, deception, intrigue, and anger of the late sixties and early seventies in this engrossing, hard to put down mystery. It won first place for a mystery/thriller novel in the 2018 Maryland Writers’ Association novel contest. It is a thought-provoking, exciting mostly police procedural with a little romance thrown in. Many of the locations in this book are easily recognizable to readers in the Mid-Atlantic area. Eileen Haavik McIntire on July 5, 2018


Stirs your curiosity

If you are looking for a mystery that stirs your curiosity throughout, Abandoned Homes: Vietnam Revenge Murders is definitely one to purchase. From the beginning, Mr. Hopkins sets the stage with vivid images of rural Delaware through which he skillfully creates an intricate web of characters and plot twists that connect skeletons found in deserted houses to polarized views of the Vietnam War. You, too, will enjoy reading how the pieces of the puzzle fit together. A great read! JD, an avid reader on April 15, 2018



Very engaging story and believable characters. This is also a Maryland Writer's Association winner, and Frank did a great job. F. J. Talley on June 17, 2018


...a fast paced story of mystery and murder

Abandoned Homes: Vietnam Revenge Murders is a fast paced story of mystery and murder. The author wastes no time with preliminaries and takes us directly to our hero who discovers several murders that have not been solved. He reports finding the bodies, one by one, but ironically, he finds himself a suspect. The story is set primarily during the heart of the Vietnam War during the 1960's and focuses on the conflict people feel about being involved in this war. This story held my attention throughout. Whether you're into murder mystery or not, I think you will enjoy reading this book. I highly recommend it. ruthziemniak on January 29, 2020  

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