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Really enjoyed!

I love a well written book that has lots of detail. Being a Tom Clancy fan for years I began to really appreciate how things work and what can be learnt from a good novel. It makes it far more real for me. That’s just one of reasons that I like this book. The detail. The way the author describes the police procedures and methods that are used really gripped me. Really good insight. The story itself is also very good and the characters are well written. This book is part of series called the Hoffman and O'Hare mystery. I haven't read the other books in the series but I now plan too. The story is complex but in a way that is daunting, it is certainly original. The world pharmaceuticals and counterfeit drugs is eye opening and a perfect setting for this book. By Reflected on January 19, 2021

Great mystery that leads you into a new venue of illicit drug companies.

Frank has written yet another terrific mystery. He continues to develop the main characters of the series and also to draw us in with new and interesting people. The story took me to many familiar places which is always entertaining. Frank leaves the reader wanting more knowing the latest character has a lot yet to do. Which way will Eve go? Only Frank knows for sure. By Diana McDonough on February 8, 2021

A Police Procedural with a Very Real Issue

The Counterfeit Drug Murders is another Hoffman and O’Hare Mystery that provides both an excellent police procedural, as do the previous installments, and an exploration into the world of counterfeit drugs, a serious and very much real issue. Although the story involves Hoffman and O’Hare, The Counterfeit Drug Murders introduces new characters into the mix around which much of the story revolves. As before in the series, the story takes the readers to a variety of locations. Both intriguing and educational, I recommend the book.  By Jackson Coppley on January 10, 2021.

A New Type of Murder

Frank Hopkins writes like Sergeant Joe Friday, “Just the facts, M’am” as the writer’s fictional detective husband and wife team of Hoffman and O’Hare tackle a series of murders related to poison drugs. Carefully documented charts and tallies of deaths entice the reader to follow clues leading to other clues. At the same time, the author’s expertise puts us into the head of an unknown person tracing down the killers, and we begin to cheer for success. The book is hard to put down as the killers try to escape justice in exciting attempts and the person, still not known by the law, hunts them down. Hopkins knows his subject and brings to light a growing problem of careless and criminal drug compounding killing many patients. No longer can a reader trust for sure the drugs in the little plastic bottles given out usually innocently at the pharmacy. By Thomas Hollyday on January 30, 2021

Emotional read

Very intense and very emotionally gripping experience. It develops in the way that surprised the hell out of me. But it was good. Well told for sure. By Nan on January 15, 2021

A delightful read

An interesting read the story revolves around a series of murders related to drug poisoning, and detective Hoffman and her husband O’Hare try to solve this mystery. The plot is well written, and the author very carefully plotted the cues and clues of the murders for the reader to hook them with the book. And the way the author explains every detail, like the procedure to find the clues and the methods they follow it actually ignites your imagination. This is one of the books in a series called “Hoffman and O’Hare mystery,” but you can read it as a single book as well. The author also brings up a sensitive issue of counterfeit drugs and the underground world of pharmaceuticals that I was not at all aware of. So it is kind of educational for me as well. Overall it is a great book to read. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone. By JC on February 8, 2021

Twisted Realism

Heavy doses of realism and well-plotted twists make this police procedural a page-turner. By LindsVan on January 20, 2021














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