Short Stories
I started writing short stories after joining the Rehoboth Beach Writers Guild (RBWG) and the Eastern Shore Writers Association (ESWA). The RBWG offers courses and independent writing sessions, "free writes", while the ESWA holds monthly writers critique groups where I learned to add short stories to my fiction and non-fiction writing offerings.

I plan to include all my edited short stories in this website before publishing them in a short story collection, First Time. This version of the website includes four stories. My goal is replace on old story with a new story every month. Readers are encouraged to comment and make suggestions for improving the stories and send them to
The Ski Trip
The Ski Trip is set in Washington, D.C and Sugarbush, VT. It relates Dennis' experiences, as a recently divorced, shy thirty-nine years old man trying to meet women with the help of his two friends: Ron and Jerry.

In January they agree to take a bus trip to ski at Sugarbush, where Ron and Jerry promise he will meet the woman of his dreams. After a day of skiing and a night of dancing, Dennis finds himself sitting on a couch between two amorous women. After Ron and Jerry retire to separate bedrooms with the women they met, Dennis has to decide how the evening should proceed. Ron eventually marries his skiing partner, Nancy, while Jerry is perplexed that Alice, his constant compainion vows never to remarry. Dennis' future can only be discovered by reading the short story.
My First Psych Class
My First Psych Class is the story of Becky and John who meet in their first psychology class in their freshman year in college. Their educational experience is not entirely satisfactory. They are exposed to three different professors in the course.

The first professor attempts an innovative approach to teach freshmen psychology in the first third of the course. He is replaced by the department chairman who likes coeds. The final third of the course is taught by a normal professor.

Even though both Becky and John earned As in the course they decided to wait a year before enrolling in their second semester psychology course. Their new professor made them wonder if this course could have been stranger that the first semester course.
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Santa Claus Stories
Three high school friends meet twelve years after graduation at O'Neill's Bar in Rockville Centre, New York, to attend Jennifer's wedding. Jerry teaches the Binghamton University in upstate New York. Steve is a lawyer who works for the Department of Justice in Washington, DC. Pat, never graduated from college and dated Jennifer, before she dumped him ten years earlier. Pat and Jerry meet first and Jerry asks Pat why his life had failed compared to his. Over dinner and beer, Pat provides a non-accusatory explanation and a recommendation for recovering, which Jerry accepts. Steve enters the bar after their discussion ends.
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My First Car
My First Car is the humorous story of a grandfather who had purchased a new Lexus convertible and took his six year old grandson, Stan, and his daughter, Judy, for a demonstration ride. The daughter cajoled the grandfather into telling Stan, when he had purchased his first car from a minor Mafia member during the ride. The grandson is shocked and starts to wonder if the grandfather is still in the Mafia. The situation is clarified before the demonstration ride ends.
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